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French Food in Australia

Petits Fours Lenotre - 63 assorted mini cakes


Petits Fours Lenotre - 63 assorted mini cakes

63 cakes ($1.99/unit)

- 7 Choux Praline
- 7 Milk Chocolate Succes
- 7 Morello Tartlet
- 7 Lemon Tartlet
- 7 Passion fruit coconut shell
- 7 Raspberry & Fromage Blanc
- 7 Chocolate Caroline
- 7 Apricot & Honey Square
- 7 verbena Pear Tartlet

To use:Remove the plastic film before defrosting!
Defrost 3 to 4 h at +4°C then leave the products at ambient temperature during 15 min. Refrigerate: +4°C consume within 48 h.

Currently unavailable.
Will be back soon!
$ 125.00

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Red Fruit Charlotte

800g ($37.37/Kg)
Charlotte aux fruits rouges
Sponge cakes and mousses combined with gourmet ingredients.
Packaging marked for easy slicing.

To Use: Remove pack and leave to defrost in the fridge for about 5 hours.

-Add to cart$ 29.90


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