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Condiments & Spices

Cornichons - Gherkins

370ml ($20.27/l)

Crunchy, extra-fine and deep green are the main qualities of French gherkins. Preserved in a juice with vinegar, tarragon, white pickled onions, mustard seeds and coriander, the sharpness of the gherkin becomes very delicate.

$ 9.50

Pyramid Salt Flakes

250 grs ($31.6/kg)
$ 8.90

Ras El Hanout Spice

100gr ($79.00/kg)Couscous spice
$ 7.90
Currently unavailable.
Will be back soon!

Harissa Tube Spice

70gr ($55.71/kg)
$ 3.90

Smoked Paprika

75gr ($100/kg)
$ 7.50

Saffron filaments

1gr ($11.95/g)from Spain, Premium Quality
$ 11.95