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Some products are frozen and are only available on pick up in Duncraig, WA.
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20 mini madeleines

360g ($6.08/100g)St Michel.
18g each
Small French sponge cakes with a scalloped seashell shape. Made with French butter and free-range eggs. Moist, crispy and very buttery. Instructions: Bake for 4 minutes and 30 seconds at 190 degrees
$ 21.90

10 caneles

($$2.19/unit)Frozen, par-bake. Canele is a delicious small pastry from Bordeaux in France. It is flavoured with vanilla and rum. A soft heart is coated by a lightly caramelized layer. Baking time 10 minutes at 250 degrees.
$ 21.90

10 Baguettines

1.4kg ($10.64/kg)140g each
Frozen, par-bake. A classic French country style sandwich baguette: soft and airy breadcrumb ; Thin, crisp and golden crust. Bake straight from freezer in 8 to 10 minutes at 190 degrees.
$ 14.90
Currently unavailable.
Will be back soon!

6 pains au chocolat

6 units ($2/unit)6 pains au chocolat 70g
$ 12.00

6 croissants

6 units ($2/unit)6 croissants 60g
$ 12.00

35 Chocolate Croissant pains au Chocolat

35 units ($30.44/kg)

75gr. Ready to bake. 165°C for 16 minutes.

$ 79.90

30 Croissants

30 units ($28.52/kg)

Extra large. Pure French Butter 70gr.
Ready to bake. 165°C for 16 minutes

$ 59.90

30 Snails Pains aux raisins

30 units ($25.73/kg)

110gr. Ready to bake. 165°C for 16 minutes

$ 84.90